Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Superhero Themed Wedding... Can it Be Elegant?

With all the super heroes making such a huge comeback, and the idealism of having a non-traditional wedding being all the rage, it's not going to be uncommon to see more and more couples incorporating their favorite comic book heroes in their wedding. But what if the couple still wants it to be elegant?  Can it be elegant while pairing it with fun filled comic book goodness? Absolutely! Take a look at these photos from my own wedding where we incorporated both my husband's hero, Superman, and my true obsession - coffee.

Awesome wedding day coffee from a friend!
Staying true to Superman, our colors were Blue, Red, and Yellow, and because we were married in Florida, September still felt like summer so I had yellow, and red roses with blue hydrangeas for my bouquets. 

My bridesmaids wore red dresses, and of course... we morphed into our "super" selves for a couple of pictures.

 The groomsmen wore black suits with red vests, but They had to stay true to the Superhero theme so they each wore a different Superhero belt buckle with 
matching cuff links. 


Even the guests got into it. Check out that Superman jewelry, and do I see Logan Howlett in the background??? Yup!

For our guestbook we decided to go with a Lois Lane & Clark Kent inspired theme using photos from our super engagement shoot.. yes, pun intended.

We created, and purchased our guestbook here

Of Course, You can't have a guestbook without having decorations to go on the guestbook table. This lovely little frame is something that my dad found at one of the discount name brand stores, and had to get it for us. This frame was absolutely perfect for our guestbook table! We got to incorporate Superman's Telephone booth in with my coffee obsession (as you can see in the photos).

Now, you're probably wondering how I incorporated coffee into this crazy Superman wedding. Well, my husband and I purchased glass coffee cups from the Dollar Tree, and we made our very own coffee scented candles (tutorial to come under my DIY tab). These candles served a dual purpose; to be part of the centerpieces at the reception, and to be the wedding favors our guests took home with them. My husband created the "Perfect Blend" label to go on the cups, and they were perfect!

My dad and I created the floral centerpieces for the table as well. I even sent the catering company a tutorial on how to fold the napkins into the Superman symbol. 

We even played the newlywed game with Superman and Lois lane. This was a HUGE hit with all of our guests. Everyone wrote down questions for us, and we played the game after the DJ collected their questions. It was fun to see what our friends wanted to know, and it was even more fun finding out how many things my husband and I agree on!

or.... maybe not! ha-ha

Basically we planned the wedding with a crazy fun theme in mind, but as I explained in the beginning, I still wanted an elegant wedding. Here are a few pictures of how I kept the superhero theme going for my husband, and had the beautiful ceremony I have always wanted at the same time.

My Superman carrying me off into the sky!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look into my wedding day, and maybe you were able to grab a few ideas for your wedding.